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We are a national healthcare advisory practice specializing in complex clinical and regulatory compliance work. Put our over 100 years of experience to work for you.


Virtual Compliance - A Better Plan

All the policies, tools, education, support and billing audits customized for your organization. Clients save tens of thousands and get the best expertise in the industry, plus support from the best experts, anywhere.


Complex Problems Solved

We handle the most complex problems, efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether it is litigation, and you need the best expert in the industry for support, or whether it is a Medicare probe, and you need billing expertise to achieve full compliance or maybe, it 's an adverse survey finding and you need support with an appeal, no firm has more direct expertise, on staff, than H2 Healthcare, LLC


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For confidential, tailored connections, feel free to drop us an email at rhislop@ h2healthllc.com. To learn more about our compliance services, our virtual program, and get our client alerts, tools and newsletter, enter your email and hit SUBMIT!

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H2 Healthcare, LLC is a nationwide healthcare advisory practice. Feel free to connect with our Managing Partner's blog at https://rhislop3.com